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Simpway International Education

Founded in 2010. Simpway Education Technology Co, Ltd. (referred to asSimpway") is an educational technology group with the vision of building adevelopmental platform for international learning. Our core businesses withinthe Simpway group include ONPS International Summer School Program, Hiture International Developmental Consulting Program, and Simpway Education Internet Program.


To help students find their successful place in an ever-developing globalized world


To achieve by becoming a leading operator in global academic learning


Positive Change through Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence in Professional Customer Service









Every year over 1000 students come to participate Simpway’s education programs in Asia. Meanwhile, every year Simpway sends over 1000 Chinese students to study abroad.


Simpway has cooperated with over 1500 professors around the world to develop Simpway international courses


Simpway provides over 300 international courses each year, which are co-designed with our cooperating professors.


The transcript of Simpway - ONPS International Summer School is applicable with over 400 colleges and universities in North America


Simpway has cooperated with more than 400 universities, colleges, and organizations


Over 200 campus ambassadors facilitate Simpway’s international summer school program each year


Simpway - ONPS International Summer School has 7 Campuses that are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Taipei, and Seoul


Simpway has established cooperative projects with more than 100 companies in Asia


Simpway covers three-hundred-thousand user group of students with international development needs in China and overseas

ONPS International Summer School Platform
ONPS is the largest platform for international summer courses in China. It co-operates with universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Chengdu, and Taiwan, covering 200,000 Chinese students studying overseas.

Through seven years of exploration, ONPS has developed a unique database of teaching staff from around the world, an extensive network of campus ambassadors, and a full-fledged summer school project management and operation system.

Since 2011, more than 8,000 students participated in ONPS from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Germany, Thailand, and Korea.

ONPS is compatible with 400 colleges and universities in North America. ONPS has kept in contact with more than 300 colleges and universities in North America and set up a team of over 200 campus ambassadors for further cooperation and marketing promotion in more than 90 colleges and universities.

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Hiture International Development Consulting Program
Hiture Education Consulting is built on the foundation of professional consultants who are passionate about education and overseas advisors/students within the top-ranking universities. With overseas education consulting as its primary business, Hiture has developed affiliated programs; such as Graduate Overseas, H.G.C.P Undergraduate Overseas, Hart International Art Education, and HiOverseas.

The aim for Hiture is to become the top ranking and most reliable education consulting brand in China.

During Hiture's time on the market; they have managed to establish a proficient and reliable application database in China, which houses thousands of application cases across all disciplines. Assist students to prepare with application materials on overseas education and successfully provide consulting services to a large number of undergraduates/graduates from the top 50 universities in the United States.

Hiture's core strength lies in its powerful consulting team with 40% of the consultants having eight years of experience offering consulting services on studying abroad. On average, each consultant has five years of consultation experience and has undertaken 120 application cases.

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Global Education and Career in ONE
GencONE is an internet-based platform for international talents to develop global competence. GencONE relies on its own powerful data resources to break down information barriers and language barriers, and is committed to promoting international cultural exchanges, international talent training, sharing the comprehensive international education information of the world.

GencONE Provides global students with the latest international education news, events, courses, and programs. Providing international educational institutions and workers with ”SAAS ” internet services, helping to promote high-quality international projects and international courses; building a system that integrates marketing traffic conversion, Data-Management Platform, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Product incubation.

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Our Service

Summer School Program in Asia

ONPS is one of the largest platforms for international summer courses in Asia. It cooperates with universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Taipei, and Seoul.

Short-Term International Customized Program (worldwide)

ONPS cooperates with the best universities around the world, aiming to create the upper level short-term customized program for Chinese students.

Global Mentorship Program

The ONPS Global Mentorship Program is a project-based learning program where aspiring high school and college students work with seasoned researchers who are willing to offer their mentorship and help the students take their intellectual curiosityto the next level.

Logistical support to faculty leaders in Asia

ONPS provides logistical support to faculty leaders, institutions, or private groups who intend to study abroad program in China.

Study Abroad Consulting for Degree Program

Hiture provides overseas education consulting services for students who intend to apply to an undergraduates/graduate degree program in top-ranking universities.

Hart International Art Education

Hart provides overseas art education consulting services, foundation classes, and tailored portfolio training for various majors for students who are passionate about art and design.






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