About ONPS

About ONPS

Founded in 2010 by Qingdao Gloway International Educational Information Technology Co., Ltd, ONPS international summer school platform (short for ONPS) is a pioneer project in the field of summer program and has been the most powerful platform of its kind in Great China.The company focuses on the setup of a standardized American-style summer session in China and its promotion in international market. As for the domestic universities, by the principle of “learn from the strong& make a complementary progress”, they take full responsibility for the supervision and regulation on teaching affairs in summer school with their rich experiences. Meanwhile, a project group set by both sides is designed to govern affairs outside teaching affairs in summer school.By integrating North America and the China\'s educational resources, we have built an exchange platform for renowned professors and scholars, leading universities, elite students and Fortune Global 500 companies. With four years of practice and exploration, ONPS has set up a talent pool of North American professors and casted a wide recruiting net covering many North American universities (deep in collaboration with over 100 institutions). We also have established ONPS Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee, which is in line with the administrative system in North America. Nowadays, ONPS International Summer School has become a professional program in faculty recruitment, market promotion, and thorough management. We welcome friends from all over the world to share their knowledge, ideas and cultures with us.

ONPS faculty is composed of world-renowned professors from top universities in North America. ONPS offers courses in the field of Economics, Business, Social Sciences, Humanities, Non-Western, and also non-credited and writing courses. Over 200 universities in North America have recognized the credits earned at ONPS. Since 2011, we have received more than 2,500 applications. Up until now, about one thousand students from China, U.S., and Canada have participated in ONPS program and have had their credits transferred successfully to their home universities.

In 2011, ONPS International Summer School platform invited 11 professors from prestigious universities such as University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ohio State University and launched 30 courses that meet the requirements of North American credits. In 2012, Qingdao University, Southwest Jiaotong University, two cooperate campuses of ONPS each had set over 40 credit courses for students to choose. In 2013, Minzu university of China and National Taipei University of Technology joined our program and become our host universities.For 2013 ONPS summer session, we have already invited outstandingly skilled professors from Harvard University, Brown University, Yale University, Northwestern University, Stanford University, Duke University, and Rice University.

In addition, ONPS International Summer School platform has prepared a variety of non-credit courses and extracurricular activities, such as rock and hip-hop dance, horse riding, sailing, career planning, and cultural explorations for our students to have a wonderful and productive summer. The ONPS Career Program is designed to give our students more business experience, especially for participants who possess a global vision and have a gift for leadership. The program was created for skill trainings, career development courses, and business plan competitions. The ONPS Cultural Exploration Project offers cultural trips, cultural lectures, which gives professors and students a better understanding of Chinese culture. In ONPS, students will also have ice-breaking parties, beach BBQs and graduation proms where they can get to know more about each other and our professors.

ONPS International Summer School has been a high-end platform of summer sessions in the Greater China. By joining hands with more and more universities in China and North America, we will spare no efforts to broaden higher education for our elite students, reputable professors, scholars and leading enterprises all around the world.

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