Academic Policies

Academic Policies

By the principle of“learn from the strong & make a complementary progress”, ONPS International Summer School platform,along with its host universities in different areas,set up a series of 30 to 40 North American standard credit courses respectively.


Minzu University of China, Qingdao University,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and National Taipei University of Technology are our host universities, all of which are prestigious universities in Greater China with recognition from both U.S. Department of Education and CMEC (Council of Ministers of Education, Canada).To make sure successful credits transfer, our host universities are responsible for all the teaching affairs supervision, including curriculum setup, teaching affairs management, grade evaluation and issuing transcript. To be concrete, every host university will set up Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee led by the executive president and well-known professors abroad, which is a guarantee of scientificalness and preciseness to our teaching. ONPS will be only responsible for program promoting in international market and non-teaching affairs management.

In terms of curriculum setup, in accord with the principle of “learn from the strong & make a complementary progress”, all the partner universities of ONPS International Summer School platform offers courses in the field of Economics, Philosophy, literature,the science of law, history, science, and so on. These courses are not only obligatory courses in host universities but also correspond with the courses overseas. And the credits equal to 4 credits in Standard North American courses. With English as the teaching language (except for the language courses), the whole program is divided into 5 weeks and 60 Contact Hours (50 minutes=a contact hour, widely used in North America).

The majority of the courses offered in ONPS International Summer School platform correspond directly with those in North American. Meanwhile, some other courses with Chinese characteristic will also be set according to the students’request, the verified credits of which can be transferred as elective courses credits in overseas universities.

Each course of our program is worth four/five credits under the American semester/quarter system. Students are not allowed to choose two courses that will be taught at the same time.

Each class at ONPS requires both a minimum and maximum number of participants. The system will automatically accept no more applications when the course is filled. Under such circumstances, to register the course you need to fill out the application form and be held on a waitlist. If any students drop the course, candidates will be added in the class in sequence.

Course Adjustment

Change, Add & Drop a Course:  
Before school starts, you can switch courses online all by yourself. If you need to add or drop a course, please contact our customer service (tel: 400-008-6057).

On the first two school opening days, (that’s Monday and Tuesday), students are allowed to change, quit or add courses as you want by downloading the adjustment application form and handing it to school office before 12:00 on Wednesday in the first week. And the correlated procedures will be followed after verify check by the teacher in charge. Students are responsible for the textbook cost due to courses adjustment. According to our policy, during this period, students will be reimbursed with 15% of the total tuition. And if students want to choose more courses, students need to pay the extra tuition according to the actual courses they choose.

Withdraw from a course: 

According to the host universities’ academic requirements, the deadline of withdrawing a course is 5:00 pm on Friday in the fourth week. For the more detail and exact date, please see the ‘Important Dates’ part of our official website. Students can withdraw a course by filling a Withdraw Application form and handing the form to the teacher in charge before the deadline. The course withdrawn will present a “W” in the transcript and students will not be able to get the refund of this course then.

Enquiry on Results

If there is any question about the final grades given by the professor, students can fill an application form of enquiry on result. The application form, along with the regular assignments, quizzes and test scores, should be submitted to the host university within one week after the announcement of the grade. The educational administration in the host university will ask for further information from the course teacher according to the application form they received, and then the Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee will make a joint decision through discussion. The joint decision once announced determines the final result of the students; no more reconsideration will be accepted.     

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