Course Reference

Course Reference

Since 2010, over two thousand students from more than 300 North American universities have successfully applied for the summer school’s course of Qingdao University, Southwest Jiaotong University and National Taipei University of Technology through ONPS platform and completed the course assessment and confirmation. The programs and courses offered by all the host universities are carefully designed to comply with the transfer credit system in North America. The general and basic requirements for transfer credit in North American are as follows (distinctive requirements may be found in some universities): 

Course Reference   
Below are listed the general requirements for course assessment and confirmation in North American. The information is collected from various North American universities. 

Any courses taken for credit on a summer study abroad program must meet the following criteria:
Ⅰ. The course must last a minimum of 5 weeks. (Program arrangement)
II. The contact hours must be a minimum of 37 for a regular course and a minimum of 52 for foreign language courses. (Curriculum arrangement)
III. Students must pass the course with a C- or better in order to receive credit. (Assessment standards)
V. The overseas institution must be formally accredited in the US or abroad and cannot be a language school. (The criteria for the host universities)

1.Teaching Language 

General requirement: English
At ONPS:All the courses are taught in English.

2.Program Arrangement(duration, contact hours, etc.)

General requirement: The program must last a minimum of 5 weeks. The contact hours must be a minimum of 40 for each course. At ONPS:The summer course session lasts 5 weeks; each course consists of 60 Contact Hours.

3.Host University  

General requirement:The overseas institution must be formally accredited in the US and Canada and cannot be a language school. At ONPS:Our host universities are reputable institutions in the Greater China and are formally accredited by the U.S. and Canada. They take responsibilities for educational affairs, such as curriculum arrangement, teaching administration, grade identification,issuing transcripts and other teaching affairs work operation and supervision.On the other hand, ONPS is in charge of maintaining the network programs and non-academic matters at each campus. The host universities formally and directly issue all transcripts.

Minzu University of Chinais the pinnacle of a national network of institutions maintained by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, although academic standards are also monitored by the State Education Commission, which means some students end up sitting for two sets of exams. In English-speaking countries, Minzu University's main partners are the University of East London, United Kingdom, and the Oregon University System USA.

Qingdao University has about 37,000 students; from which over 5,000 are postgraduate, and over 1,000 are international students. Since 1980, Qingdao University has received over 10,000 students from more than 60 countries. The university also has a reputable group of scholars known at home and abroad, of which 900 are professors. There are 23 academics (including assistant academicians) that are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Southwest Jiaotong University is one of the oldest universities in China with an Engineering program. Founded in 1896, Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) was originally named Imperial Chinese Railway College, and later Tangshan Jiaotong University, Tangshan Railway Institute, and so on. It is one of the earliest universities in China, and is known as “the Cradle for the Chinese Railway Engineers” and “East Cornell”. SWJTU has great history with international exchanges and cooperation; has established exchange programs with over 80 universities and institutes in 60 countries and regions, and has become one of the cooperation universities of the “4+4” Cooperation Plan between China and France and TAMDEM. The international exchanges and cooperation programs cover a variety of students and degrees.

National Taipei University of Technologyis the first university in China established by the Catholic Church. Aided by extensive scientific research, Fu Jen is committed to the pursuit of truth and the integration of Western and Chinese cultural values to promote the well being of the human family and to strengthen world solidarity. The university provides a well-balanced division between general education and professional training with a special emphasis on humanistic discipline, which helps students grow as an individual, which will enrich their lives when they start their careers after graduation. Also Fu Jen’s goal is to stimulate international academic collaboration, and to promote relationships between cultures. The university has established sister schools with renowned universities all over the world.

4.Curriculum Arrangement(assessment standards, content, textbook)

General requirement: 4.0 scale GPA: corresponding courses and textbooks of American universities.
At ONPS:We apply the North American grading standards such as 4.0 scale GPA, midterm exams, final exams and quizzes. However the specific evaluation methods are specified in the professor’s syllabus. All of our professors are either graduates from renowned North American universities or well experienced in Higher Education in North America. Therefore their syllabi resembles the standard curriculum of North American universities.

5.Courses Equivalency

General requirement:Equivalent course or accredited course.
At ONPS:We have done a lot of research concerning this crucial item. Many North American universities have included this one in their credit transfer requirements with no exception. Hence, all the host universities offer only equivalent courses. Over a thousand successful cases have proven that the courses provided by our host universities are transferable as introductory level courses, elective courses, general courses and even major courses to North American universities. We offer not only basic major courses but also general courses essential for graduation including SS, HUM, IW, NW, CA and OC.

The ONPS International Summer School is in charge of maintenance of the network platforms and non-educational activities, which aim to inform you about the credit transfer policies about your home university. Therefore, we offer as much detailed information as possible based on our 4 years of experience. Universities and colleges, which are not in the list, are nonetheless equally likely to accept the credits of our program because our high academic standards and course requirements, which are similar those in North America.

Generally, you can find “credit transfer” instructions on the university’s official website. And you can also consult the academic adviser for up-to-date information. Before the summer session begins, you must contact the Study Abroad Office, Admission Office, Office of Registrar or a relevant office of your home university to assess and confirm the course you choose. Normally, it is a simple process and you will know how many credits you will obtain. The ONPS International Summer School provides documents including but not limited to syllabus, professor information and program certifications. 

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