Networking Program

Networking Program

What you know + Who you know = Success

Since ONPS was founded in 2011, professors from prestigious universities such as University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Yale University, UC Berkeley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been invited and participated in ONPS International Summer School. In 2014, reputable professors from Harvard University, Brown University, Yale University, Northwestern University, Stanford University, Duke University, and Rice University will join our program to give you a brighter education.

Our students and volunteers are from first-class universities like Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Brandeis University, Ohio State University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. At ONPS, you interact and become friends with these outstanding peers and broaden your horizon.

The ONPS Social Networking Program is a great platform where you can expand your social network among both your schoolfellows and the professors.

Social networking activities:

·Ice-breaking Party
Have fun at the high-end private party
Walk the red carpet
Make new friends
Just dance and laugh at ONPS “Moon&star” Ice Breaking Party

·Beach Barbecue
Enjoy warm sunshine and beautiful scenery!
Eat yummy food and enjoy refreshing beer!
The rock&roll show will rock your world!
Play social games and hit it off!
Come and join us in ONPS midsummer beach BBQ!

·Graduation Prom
Make every minute count and have a wonderful memory at the ONPS graduation prom!

·Travel news     
Have no idea where the coolest places and sites of the city where your campus is located? Log in the ONPS official website to get updated information about your location!

·Non-credit courses   
Choose a non-credit course to have a colorful summer life! Each campus has marvelous non-credit courses to equip you with more skills and energy! Be young and be cool!

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