Research Program

Research Program

There are also scientific research projects open to our program professors and students. These projects provided by ONPS aims at enhancing the communicate and cooperate between the program professors and domestic universities and offering the students some resources in their career planning.Successful applicants will collaborate with researchers for 5 weeks.Faculty members are encouraged to point out excellent students with whom they would like to work. Students can apply the project by contacting the Scientific Research & Develop office belongs to the project group.

Duration and Location

Successful applicants are expected to serve at ONPS for a continuous 5-week period from Jul. 2015through Aug. 2015. Leading professors will by then announce the locations for each research project.

Application Process

Students who intend to join must apply to the ONPS Office of Research Development. Required documents are as follows:

1. CV
The curriculum vitae (CV) should contain: applicant’s name, address, work experience, education, awards, special skills, and a list of recent publications. A one-page statement of current and past research experiences and research interest should be attached in the CV. To protect your personal identifiable information (PII), please do not indicate in the CV your social security number.

In the application, applicants should describe the reasons, qualifications and how they would use the research experience to further their professional career. Also capabilities, special skills, and research experiences should be emphasized. The application should be no more than three pages.

Note: The deadline for applications is May 1st, 2015. You need to email the required documents to the ONPS Office of Research Development to

Selection Criteria

(1) Capabilities and experiences;       
(2) How well the applicant’s qualifications match the research needs;
(3) The potential of long-term research partnership.

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