Shanghai campus

Shanghai campus

Shanghai Finance University (SFU) is a public,application oriented, four-year institution focused on preparing students for future professional careers in financial and economic management. It has 63 years history of being academic institution. Located at No. 995, Shangchuan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, SFU boasts a sprawling 111-acre campus with a covered area of 62 acres, contains two campuses including east Pudong and Puxi. As same as other large-sized enterprises and universities, it has rich educational resourses with environmental advantage. There you can find advanced multimedia computer room, library, teaching laboratory, practice base as well as other teaching equipments. Various types of books, journal-magazines with network database offered in university libarary provide students with abundant educational resources. The Puxi campus is seated on the northerneast corner of Shanghai city, neighboring dozens of universities such as Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and General hospital of the Second Artillery of PLA. The joint formation of which became an university district with affluent educational resources as well as excellent environment and there it gained the title of “ Yangpu University District”. 

So far, SFU offers 25 undergraduate programs and four vocational degree programs, with a core focus in finance and a particular emphasis on economic management, while spanning a variety of well-balanced disciplines, including economics, law, literary and cultural studies, natural sciences, engineering, business management, and art.

With its attractive programs and easily accessible location within China’s lively economic center, SFU draws outstanding students from across China and the world. It currently enrolls over 8,000 full-time undergraduate and vocational students, more than 600 international students, and over 3,000 continuing education students. In addition, SFU offers a variety of professional training programs for financial and economic management organizations including banks, insurance companies and investment funds. Over the recent years, it has recorded a remarkable graduate employment rate exceeding 97%, and one of nearly 100% among the graduates of its international cooperation programs. 

Open to cooperation, SFU has established a University-Industry Partnership Committee involving over 30 companies and organizations in the financial sector, and has maintained partnerships with more than 30 universities, colleges and research institutes across the world, including in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, Vietnam, Kenya, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It now offers 32 international cooperation and exchange programs, and two international joint educational programs with an enrollment of over 600 students.
In keeping with the motto of “Display Honesty And Cultivate Virtue, Foster Ambition And Contribute To Society”, SFU aims to nurture accomplished, creative and socially committed professionals with current expertise in finance and investment management as well as multiple disciplinary skill sets, including statistics analysis, IT know-how and multi-language capabilities.  

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