Taiwan campus

Taiwan campus

National Taipei University of Technology, Referred to as Taipei Tech, located on the Da`an district, Taipei, is one of the top universities of technology among Taipei with a hundred years of history. Founded in 1912, Taipei Tech was first established during the Japanese Colonial Period as the Auxiliary Industrial Institute of the Education Affairs Office of the Civil Administration Department. It also was the first school making engineering education as its mission. In 1997, the school was  renamed as National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech). And now Taipei Tech currently offers 16 undergraduate programs, 20 master programs and 6 Ph.D. programs within 6 colleges of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Engineering, Management, Design,  Humanities & Social Science.

Taipei Tech is not only a land of study for students, there is also heritage in the center of the campus, the oldest historic monument established in Taipei Tech till now. Covers an area of 34.2 square meters, it is a legacy which was left by the first batch of school architectures. It stands for the spirit of Taipei Tech, and graduates always take photos with it. The red brick on the outer side of the building resembles European architecture, two layer design has been used as book collection area, linked to the library by hall. However, the wood-made library has been defaced severely, though the ground tile stacks remained well. There is a former school badge on the ventilation hole which belongs to engineering institute period of Taipei Tech.  The building was officially named as Sixian in 75s Republic of China. After re-decoration and equipment replacement, it is now changed into University History Museum. 

Office of International Affairs is responsible for international collaboration and academic communication. Previously Taipei Tech has initiated collaboration and sister school relationship with more than 17 internationally renowned universities from countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Germany, New Zealand,  Czech, Ukraine, Singapore, Swaziland,  Garnbia, Turkey and China mainland. The communication is frequent, promoting cross-nation research and exchange of professors as well as students beside of the mutual visit. Since government begins cross-Strait culture exchange,communication between universities has become a core mission. Besides academic communication and mutual relationship with other universities, Taipei Tech has made stipulations with several well-known mainland universities including Fudan University, Tianjin University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, to integrate advantages of both basic science of mainland and applied science of Taiwan for a final win-win.

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