Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee

Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee

In order to improve our teaching quality, to ensure the punctually and accurately accomplishment of professors’ teaching tasks, and also to guarantee a impartial assessment of final results, from 2012 on, a special Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee consist of teachers in correlate department of the host university and the course professors in our program, which is set up by each host universities themselves, will be there to supervise the teaching quality and also result assessment.

The Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee is set up by host universities themselves.As the organizer of the program, ONPS International Summer School has no right to intervene in the assessments made by the committee. In 2013, even more well-known professors will be invited to join the Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee attached to the host university in order to make ONPS a more rigorous in scholarship, more transparent in teaching, more impartial in assessment program.


For each campus, the structure of the Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee of International Summer School is set up as the following:
Director (professor from North American university)
Deputy Director (faculty member appointed by the host university)
Secretary-general (director of educational affairs of the campus)
Committee members (foreign professors from Deputy Director office)

Regular Meetings

The Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee meets every week during school hours with teaching assistants. The Director and Deputy Director leads the meeting and reflects on the teaching matters of the week, and to suggests improvements on ONPS program. After the meeting, Director will communicate with professors who are ill evaluated and the Secretary-general will make a summary of the data and memo.


The midterm exam is given during the third week of school. The exam for each course is flexible and is decided by the professor in charge. The Secretary-general will review the exams on the first day of the third week. Examination supervisors shall be appointed to every paper test. The test paper signed by the professor shall be handed over on the fourth-week. Memos from the regular meeting and exam papers shall be printed according to the actual class size and kept sealed, which shall not be opened until the exam. The professor, teaching assistant, and the appointed examination supervisor shall supervise the final exam.

Scores and EOR (Enquiry on Result)

Every foreign professor shall submit a score to the Secretary-general describing the class performance, homework and exams in the final scores during the first Regular Meeting. Students’ final scores shall be given strictly in line with the criteria, 10% of which shall be inspected by the Academic Affairs Office in a sample survey. Professors will be informed of any inconsistencies and will change it.

Students who have any objections for their scores can discuss it with the professor. If they fail to reach an agreement, student can propose an EOR (the EOR procedure can be found on Academics section of ONPS official website). Deputy Director of the Committee will carry out a re-check of the scoring and gather information about the student’s performance from the professor and teaching assistant. The EOR results will be issued within a week in written form to the student.   

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