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Application and Registration

1.Who is eligible to apply for 2014 ONPS International Summer School?

In 2014, ONPS International Summer School will carry out two major academic programs: International Summer School and China Elite Program. International Summer School is open to students from all over the world. Participants will obtain 4-5 credits for each course they take and an official transcript issued by the host university; China Elite Program is only open to applicants from the Greater China region. Participants will earn a certificate signed by ONPS International Summer School and the professor in charge.

2.How to apply?
The application process is online only. Click “Login” in the menu bar or "Register" in the right corner of our official website and follow the steps below:
I. Create an account
II. Fill in your personal information
III. Submit your application and pay the application fee
IV. Register for a course
V. Pay Tuition&Fees such as Administration Fee, Tuition and Commission Fee for a visa to Taiwan

3.Do I need to submit my transcript at school and ACT, SAT, or TOEFL scores for admission?
ONPS International Summer School has rigid enrollment policies. Applicants for International Summer School program are required to offer information about the university or college they are attending like their major, GPA and other academic backgrounds. Applicants for China Elite Program are required to submit their transcript and SAT scores. We require non-native English speakers to provide a TOEFL score. We also accept other transcripts that demonstrate proficiency with the English language.

4.What is the deadline for applications?
Deadline for Chengdu and Taiwan campuses is July 5th, 2014. Deadline for Qingdao and Beijing campuses is June 28th, 2014.

5.When and how will I know the admission results?
The ONPS admission committee will evaluate your information. The successful candidates will receive an official admission letter via email from ONPS International Summer School.

6.What should I do if I have problems while/after applying?
If you have any problems or questions about application, please contact us at or call us at 400-008-6057.

7.What is the normal class size at ONPS?
At ONPS, there are small class sizes for every course with a 50 student maximum. Schedule Adjustment.

8.How to deal with a time conflict?
An International Summer School time schedule was designed to meet most students’needs. Normally schedules are not adjustable after issued. However, it is amendable only if more than 15 students send letters to asking for a change. From time to time, we will carry out questionnaires to collect advice and input from students.

Schedule and Accommodation

1. I am a non-Chinese citizen. Do I need to obtain a passport?
If you do not have a passport, you need to apply for a passport as soon as possible because it is required to pass through customs and immigration.

2. My passport is only valid within a year? Do I need extend it?
According to the entry requirements of Chinese mainland and Taiwan, your passport should be valid for six months at least upon your arrival date.

3. Do I need a visa?
If you are not a Chinese citizen, you need to apply for a visa at a Chinese embassy. Please consult the embassy for further information.

4. Can I travel around after school?
Yes. You are free to arrange your personal schedule after school. However, ONPS will take no responsibility for any accidents during your leisure time.

• Housing

1. What should I do if I don’t get the housing reservation?
Since the number of the rooms are limited, applicants are recommended to complete reservation through ONPS official website as soon as possible. If you have any questions about accommodation, please send an email to We will arrange the rooms on a rolling basis and after that we will try our best to search for housing information for our students who fail the reservation. However, students need to contact the hotel or landlord on his/her own. If you have any questions about housing then please send an email to ONPS is always here to provide you with information about housing and living.

2. How do I pay for off-campus accommodation?
Our tuition does not include accommodation fee. You can call us at 400-008-6057 or send an email to for more information. Payment options can be found on Tuition&Fees page.

3. Housing options
At least two housing opinions are available at every campus. For more information, please visit our website on the housing page of each campus.

Tuition&Fees and Refund Policies

Credit transfer and Academic Policies

1.How can I get the syllabi for the 2014 International Summer School courses?
We are updating the syllabi for 2014 International Summer School. You can download the curricula from our website. Every year the professor in charge may slightly adjust the syllabus according to his own teaching habits and the specific course arrangement. However the previous syllabus is for information only, not for official use.

2.Will my GPA be transferred along with the credits earned at ONPS to my home university?
ONPS International Summer School’s curriculum arrangement meets credit transfer requirements of over two hundred universities in North American. Our host universities are all officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, and recognized by the United States and Canada. The credits you gain at ONPS are transferrable while the GPA at ONPS is not transferable.

3. Commencement Dates of the 2014 ONPS International Summer School
The 2014 session at ONPS International Summer School will be launched at four campuses: Beijing, Qingdao, Chengdu, Taiwan.

4. How to transfer credits?
Credit transfer process is simple:
I. Download the syllabus and submit it to the department or the specific adviser of your home university. The department could be an Admission Office, Office of Study Abroad, or Office of Registrar. We also will provide as detailed information.
II. The course approval by department or specific adviser.
III. After the final exam, the professor of the course will directly submit your final score to the host university.
IV. The host university will submit your transcript to the department, which is responsible for transcript confirmation.
V. The credits are successfully transferred to your home university. Further information can be found on our official website or through our hot line 400-008-6057.

5. Are the credits transferable to universities in Canada?
In the past 3 years, over two hundred colleges and universities in North America have recognized our courses. Credits earned by our students have been successfully transferred to their home colleges and universities including prestigious Canadian universities such as SFU, UBC, etc.

6. Which department of my university takes responsibility for the credit transfer?
The department might be the Admission Office, the Office of Study Abroad, or the Office of Registrar. In some universities and colleges, it is the specific adviser who is in charge of the credit transfer.

7. Who constitute the faculty of ONPS International Summer School?
Our faculty consists of professors from world-renowned universities. Former professors are from universities such as Harvard University, MIT, Brandeis University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ohio State University, Hong Kong Baptist University, etc.

8. How many courses can I take at ONPS?
You can choose 1 to 5 courses. Since the credit transfer requirements may vary in different North America universities, the maximum of the courses you are allowed to take should be referred to the requirements set by your home university. For example, in UI and OSU students are allowed to register for five courses in a summer school while in UIUC the maximum is three or less. You are strongly recommended to consult the department or the specific adviser in charge of credit transfer for the detailed information. However, if you are going to register for more than three courses, you have to fill out the Course Overload Form and send it to the International Summer School, students only are allowed to take more than three courses after strict assessment of ONPS.

9. How many credits is the course worth of ONPS?
Every course of ONPS meets the curriculum standards in North America and is worth 4 semester credits or 5 quarter credits. However, if the course is worth three credits at your home university, the credits will be transferred according to the requirements of the university.

10. Can I change, add and drop a course?
Yes. Before school, you can change a course through the online registration system and you can add and drop a course by contacting our customer system at 400-008-6057. During the first week (Monday & Tuesday) of school, you can change, add (the extra tuition must be paid) and drop (part of the tuition is refundable) a course. Relevant policies can be found on。
11. What textbook do I need?
You can refer to the syllabus in which the textbook is specified for the course.

About Visa to Taiwan

1. I am not a Taiwan local. How can I get a visa to Taiwan if I choose Taiwan Campus for the International Summer School program?
Students who choose Taiwan Campus need to apply for a visa to Taiwan. If you are a China mainland resident who is now studying in North American, you can fly to Taiwan from US or Canada directly or you can fly back to China Mainland and then to Taiwan through Hong Kong. The visa application process and the required documents are different for different situations.

2. I am an American or Canadian. How do I apply for a visa to Taiwan?
Americans and Canadians are allowed to travel to Taiwan without a visa for as long as 90 days. You only need to take your passport and ticket or other certificates for your next destination to enter Taiwan.As long as you have no records of being denied by or an overstaying visit in Taiwan.

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